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Defense for a 2nd DUI

Have you been charged with a 2nd DUI or drugs & DUI within five years? If so, you must not wait before talking to a Cobb County DUI lawyer about your defense. Richard S. Lawson has extensive experience as a former DUI prosecutor, which means he has a thorough understanding of how prosecutors view repeat offenders and the DUI process. This is very important to you, as the penalties for a 2nd or 3rd DUI have been increased in severity. If you are hoping to avoid another conviction, it is vital that you retain a Cobb County DUI lawyer with the expertise in DUI defense which only comes from many years of developing effective defense strategies for all types of DUI offenses from a violation of probation to vehicular homicide.

DUI Attorney in Cobb County: A Second DUI Offense and the Law

In an effort to reduce DUI offenses the legislature has increased the severity of the penalties for each additional DUI conviction. It is up to the law enforcement officer to decide if a driver is impaired or not. Unfortunately his or her judgment may be influenced by finding out that the driver under investigation has a prior conviction. Because of the increase in drivers using legal and illegal drugs the police are looking more closely for any indication of impairment and may make an arrest for prescription drugs & DUI even though the driver is taking a legally prescribed medication. It is very important that you do not answer questions concerning drinking alcohol or drug consumption. You are not required to incriminate yourself and any DUI charge is a serious matter.

Whether your arrest happened at a roadside checkpoint or after a traffic stop , you will need a skilled DUI attorney to evaluate the circumstances of your arrest and devise a defense strategy that will help you. You can depend upon our legal team to provide an aggressive and skilled defense. Facing a 2nd or 3rd DUI charge means you must act quickly to get representation that has the ability to provide a quality defense. Talk to a professional DUI defense lawyer at our firm to find out more.

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