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Vehicular homicide is one of the most serious charges one can face. Vehicular homicide is a felony offense that carries numerous penalties upon conviction, such as time spent in state prison and living the rest of one's life as a convicted felon. An offense of this magnitude requires the attention of a skilled and experienced defense attorney. At the Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson, the legal team is prepared to act quickly for any client facing these extremely serious charges.

Vehicular Homicide Charges

Vehicular homicide charges are filed when one person kills another person by means of vehicle. This can be due to a typical car accident, or a car accident in which the driver responsible was under the influence. In the event that a drunk driver causes a fatal accident, the driver will likely face enhanced penalties. Because a life was lost, judges and prosecutors take vehicular homicide charges very seriously, and will not hesitate to punish or convict any driver found guilty of this offense. To ensure you have the aggressive defense you need against such serious charges, it's in your best interest to consult a knowledgeable Cobb County vehicular homicide lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can ensure your rights are protected and do what is necessary to try and reach a successful case result. Achieving a successful case result will not only prevent a mark from appearing on your criminal record, but your reputation will also remain intact, making it much easier to move forward into the future.

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