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In some DUI cases, the individual could be offered a “plea bargain” by the prosecutor and the decision must be made about whether to go to trial or accept a lesser charge.  Each case is unique in circumstances and to make this decision requires a full review of the evidence against you and other aspects of the case.  If errors have been made in police procedure, blood alcohol concentration testing, or in “probable cause” for you to have been stopped in the first place, you may decide that you would prefer to go to trial and fight for a "not guilty" verdict.  There may be certain cases in which a Cobb County DUI defense lawyer could look over the options for the case and determine that a plea bargain would be a successful resolution to your case.  This may include more serious DUI charges, such as a DUI that included an injury or accident. As the penalties for this charge can be very harsh, in some cases a plea bargain could be a positive outcome of the defense actions provided by the DUI defense lawyer fighting for you.

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No DUI case should be approached with an apathetic attitude, as in many cases there are more options for the defense than you may suspect.  There are many cases that include errors in police procedure, including during the arrest or even prior to being stopped.  Overzealous law enforcement may pull over an individual that was not exhibiting signs of impairment and these aspects of the case can be exploited for the benefit of the defense.  In some cases, field sobriety test results are part of the evidence against you and could have been administered incorrectly.  Questioning the law enforcement officer involved can result in discovering that the evidence is questionable.  Plea bargains could be offered by the prosecutor when they become aware that there is a problem with the case.

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