Jaime Pressly Sentenced on DUI Charges

Posted by Richard Lawson | Aug 27, 2011 | 0 Comments

Last week in California, actress Jaime Pressly of the NBC television show "My Name is Earl," plead no contest to her DUI charges. Several months ago the actress was arrested for DUI after failing field sobriety tests. Ms. Pressly was reportedly sentenced to 3 years probation, alcohol treatment classes, and required to install an ignition interlock in her vehicle. The ignition interlock requires the driver to breath into the device before the ignition will start. The device detects alcohol on the persons breath and if there is alcohol present, the car will not start.

In Cobb County, GA prosecuters are tough on DUI offenders. An ignition interlock device is a commonplace requirement for DUI sentences as is probation and alcohol and drug classes, DUI school, AA meetings, MADD impact panels, random drug and alcohol screens, and community service. Even for a first DUI offense in one's lifetime, Cobb County judges and prosecuters will often sentence people to high fines (plus court costs / surcharges) that total thousands of dollars. Jail time is often required by the DUI prosecuters in Cobb County as well. These serious consquences require serious help. A skilledCobb DUI defense lawyer should be consulted right away. Call the Marietta, GA law office of Cobb DUI lawyer Richard Lawson today for a free case analysis. We can help you get the best possible results on your Marietta DUI charges.

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