Cobb County Marijuana Cases

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Marijuana can get you in a lot of trouble in the Marietta / Cobb County area. Cobb County law enforcement officers make numerous marijuana related arrests and Cobb County judges and prosecuting attorneys are tough on such offenders. A Cobb marijuana charge should not be taken lightly. The consequences for a conviction are steep and include loss of your drivers license ( even if your charge had NOTHING to do with driving), jail time, and an item on your criminal history that cannot be expunged.

In Georgia,possession of marijuana of less than an ounce is a misdemeanor. Possession of more than an ounce of marijuana is a felony. Distributing marijuana is a felony. A conviction for any marijuana charge will lead to a six month or longer suspension of your Georgia drivers license. This is a suspension without the possibility of a temporary or limited driving permit. The loss of one's license can be a severe hardship for many Cobb County residents. That is why it is important to speak to a Cobb County marijuana lawyer right away to discuss the many strategies that exist to combat the loss of your license.

Both misdemanor and felony marijuana charges can lead to jail time. Our lawyers have experience keeping people out of jail and on the road. We help people get the best possible results in Cobb County courts all the time for marijuana possession and distribution charges.

Our Cobb County lawyers also help drivers who are charged withDUI - drug offenses for marijuana. These charges can be quite unfair and if not handled properly, can lead to long time license suspension without the availability of a limited driving permit. There have been many studies equating alcohol intoxication with impaired driving. The correlation between marijuana and one's ability to drive safely is not nearly as strong. However, that does not stop Cobb County prosecuting attorneys from charging you with DUI for having a positive blood test for marijuana. In addition, marijuana stays in your body for a long time - about a month on average. In a not uncommon scenario, a Cobb Co. police officer will stop a driver late at night for some type of minor traffic violation i.e. speeding, an out headlight, etc. The officer will speak with the driver and may feel that the driver seems "out of it" or has red or watery eyes. However, the officer does not smell alcohol or his roadside breath test does not detect any alcohol. The officer wants to make an arrest for DUI, but it does not seem like an alcohol related DUI. He can ask you to submit to a blood test. If you refuse, this could lead to a one year suspension of your drivers license. So you agree to take the blood test. The results of the blood test do not come in for awhile, but you are arrested for DUI - drugs that night and go to jail. A few weeks later the results come back - and they are positive for marijuana. The Cobb County prosecuting attorney will proceed with a DUI - marijuana case against you. They allege that you were an unsafe driver based on being under the influence of marijuana. However, you know that the marijuana detected in your blood was not something you smoked before driving. The only reason your eyes were red that night was because you were tired. You were not under the influence of anything. That is where an attorney can help you. Our lawyers have handled many cases of this nature.

The facts of each case are different, but if you are facing a possession of marijuana charge in Cobb County, our marijuana lawyers can help. We have experience in Cobb County state court and in the Cobb municipal courts defending marijuana cases for our clients. We also have experience with DUI - drug cases. Our office maintains a 24 hour line, so call our Cobb Co. marijuana attorneys now for a free case evaluation.

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