Violations of Probation

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Are you or a friend or family member having trouble with your probation in Cobb County, GA? New offenses and problems with your probation officer can lead to probation warrants, probation violations, and revocation of probation hearings. When people plead guilty or are convicted at trial in Cobb County, they are usually pleased to be placed on probation. Probation is an alternative to jail or prison time, so it is usually much better to be on probation then to be sentenced to that time in jail! However, probation is expensive and is not without its pitfalls.

When you are on probation in Cobb County, you will have to pay a monthly supervision fee. You will also have to pay for things like DUI school, an alcohol and drug evaluation, treatment and counseling, and drug and alcohol screens at your own expense. In addition, there are fines, fees, court costs, and restitution amounts that you will have pay in many instances over the course of your probation. These certainly adds up! The problem is that if you get behind, you can be arrested for a violation of probation. In addition, if you fail a drug or alcohol screen, you can be charged with a violation of probation in Cobb County as well. Same goes for getting behind in your community service or failing to do any of the things required of you by your probation officer. Some Cobb County probation officers are unsympathetic if you have a family emergency or you lose your job. They want things done and paid by certain times and are quick to violate your probation if you slip behind.

If you are charged with violating your probation, that is a charge in itself. What is really tough is that in most instances, since probation is really a jail sentence already, you will be arrested on a probation warrant, and you will go to jail and await a probation revocation hearing. Sometimes you can sit in jail for a month or so awaiting the probation violation hearing. Typically, you may not bond out when you are facing a probation violation. That is why it is important to contact a probation violation lawyer as soon as possible if you are having problems with your probation terms or your probation officer. Sometimes, our Cobb County probation violation lawyers can get the terms of your probation amended if feel that you may have some problems meeting them. For example, it is common for repeat DUI offenders to have to have an ignition interlock device installed in their vehicle. This is a term of your probation. But if the DUI offender moves out of state, it may be virtually impossible for them to have the interlock installed and monitored. This would require a change in the terms of your probation to avoid a potential violation and enable you to get your drivers license back.

One of the most serious types of violations of your probation occurs when you are charged with a new offense. This new offense can be a felony, or even something as simple as a traffic violation and that may be considered a violation of your probation. Nearly all probation sentences include the term that the probationer is not permitted to violate any laws of the state of Georgia. This would include local ordinances specific to Cobb County as well. A probation violation for a new offense can lead to a revocation of your probation to jail or prison for the remainder of the term left on probation. This can be months or even years.

Another problem of probation violations is that you stand to lose your first offender status. One of the best protections for people under Georgia law is first offender treatment. In general, first offender status means that once your sentence is complete (and it is your first offense) you will not be technically convicted of the crime. For many, this is crucial in avoiding the stigma of being a convicted felon and the possible career and civil rights implications that come along with that. However, if you violate your probation, even for something small like getting behind in your payments, you risk the Cobb County Judge taking away your first offender status. Don't let this happen to you!

If you feel that you are having probation problems or know that you will be charged with a violation of probation, call our Cobb County probation violation defense attorneys right away for a free consultation. Additionally, we are always happy to assist the family members of those already arrested on probation violation charges and awaiting a hearing. Our lawyers have had great success getting clients the best possible outcomes on their violations of probation cases. We have helped many Cobb County clients protect their first offender status, get out of jail, and get their probation reinstated. In addition, attorneys at our firm have helped people modify the terms of their probation sentences and petition for early termination and non-reporting status. Each case is different, so call today to see if we are able to help you. As these matters are often time sensitive, don't delay in giving Cobb County probation lawyer Richard S. Lawson and his associate lawyers a call.

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