Cobb County Breath Test Refusals

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Being pulled over for DUI is stressful and it is hard to think rationally sometimes. If you are pulled over for DUI in Cobb County, the Cobb County PD officer will usually asks you a bunch of questions and then make you do some arbitrary field sobriety tests like stand on one leg. Then comes the real fun part - the officer will read you an implied consent notice (at least, that is what they are required by law to do), and then will ask you to take a breathalyzer. A rational person would think - why should I take such a test? Don't I have a right against self incrimination? It is late and I just want to go home! Unfortunately, it seems that your constitutional right against self-incrimination does not seem to apply in the DUI context and if you do not take the breath test, it is a Refusal, and the Georgia Department of Drivers Services will suspend your license for one year. (This can b appealed, so contact a DUI lawyer as soon as possible if you refused.) Keep in mind, that breath tests are highly inaccurate, so if you take the test, and the officer is saying that it is over a .08, you have a right to ask for a follow up blood test at your own expense.

An experienced DUI attorney should be consulted right away to discuss your Georgia drivers license and how to deal with the aftermath of a refusal. Contact Cobb County DUI attorney Richard S. Lawson for a consultation today.

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