Plea Bargain in Smyrna DUI Case

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Police officers in Smyrna charges thousands of people with DUI. A lot of people plead guilty to these charges, despite the harsh penalties of a DUI and the effect they my have the persons career, insurance, school, and driving record for years to come.

When you faced with a DUI in Smyrna or Cobb County, there are three general ways in which the DUI case can be resolved. These are: (1) dismissal of the charges by the judge or prosecuting attorney, (2) entering a guilty plea, or (3) an acquittal or not guilty verdict at trial.

Of course, the first scenario, dismissal of the DUI charges, is best. If your DUI lawyer can get the charges dismissed or thrown out, then that ends the case and there is no DUI conviction. The Smyrna prosecuting attorney cannot bring the case again as it would be double jeopardy.

The second way to dispose of a DUI case is via a guilty plea. A guilty plea is the most common way in which charges in any criminal or traffic offense, including a DUI, are resolved. Typically, Smyrna or Cobb County prosecuting attorneys will offer a plea bargain also known as making a plea offer or recommendation in which they will stand behind a particular sentence and offer it to the judge in exchange for the accused to plead guilty to DUI. The upside of this is that you know what the prosecuting attorney wants. So long as the judge accepts the offer, you know what you are getting. This offer typically is to the full DUI charge and requires jail time, probation, and fines. Even if you do not want to contest your DUI charges and intend to enter a guilty plea, a DUI lawyer can often help you negotiate a plea bargain with less jail time, fines, and community service requirements. Skilled DUI attorneys can get charges reduced to reckless driving, get fines, detention time, and community service requirements reduced, and help one get their Georgia driving privileges restored.

The third way a case is resolved is via a trial. If the individual facing the DUI charges is not guilty of DUI, and the Smyrna prosecutor refuses to dismiss the case, the accused has a right to a trial by jury. Experienced DUI lawyer Richard Lawson has had great success in contesting and winning DUI cases via trials. Mr. Lawson has tried over 100 trials to verdict.

If you are serious about contesting your Smyrna DUI and getting the best possible result, call Richard Lawson today.

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