DUI Trials in Cobb Co. Part Two

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DUI Trials in Cobb County, GA PART TWO

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As discussed in the prior DUI blog entry, Motions are key in a Cobb Co. DUI case. A DUI Motion to Suppress asks the Court to exclude certain evidence from use at trial. If your DUI case involved a breath or blood test, getting these results (if they were over the legal limit) excluded from trial is VERY helpful in making your case easier to win. Just prior to trial, Motions in Limine are useful tools to the best Cobb DUI lawyers in getting statements and prior acts excluded from a DUI jury trial. However, even after winning a DUI motion to suppress, the Cobb Co. solicitors are unlikely to dismiss the case. They will likely still proceed based on the testimony of the officer that according to his training and observations, you seemed too drunk to drive safely. Video and audio evidence from the field sobriety evaluations become even more critical. A skilled Cobb County DUI lawyer has extensive training in the administration of field sobriety tests and possess the training handbooks used by the officers themselves. These are great tools to impeach the Cobb Co. DUI officers' credibility. The Cobb DUI prosecuting attorney must prove his or her case beyond a reasonable doubt. With no breath test results and impeached officer testimony, that is hard to do.

If you want to fight your Cobb County DUI charge and get the best outcome possible, call Cobb DUI lawyer Richard Lawson and his team of associate DUI attorneys today to fight your case. We have helped thousands resolve their cases and we can help you.

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