Second Cobb DUI and Repeat Cobb County DUI Convictions

Posted by Richard Lawson | Apr 24, 2012 | 0 Comments

For DUI arrestees, Cobb County can be a tough jurisdiction. Even for a first Cobb Co. DUI, most of the Cobb State Court Judges will give a person at least one day in jail. If you have a prior DUI conviction, even if this is only your second DUI, you will likely be facing 10 or more days in jail. And typically the Cobb County jail does not give 2 for 1 or "good time" credit for short sentences like many other county jails do. In addition, a second DUI can lead to a year long drivers license suspension and the requirement that an ignition interlock be installed. A third Cobb County DUI can lead to a multi-year license suspension and months in jail. If a Cobb County police officer arrested you for DUI, the case will likely go right to State Court. The prosecuting attorneys and judges in State Court are tough. However, even if you are arrested by a Cobb County city officer in a jurisdiction such as Kennesaw, Smyrna, or Acworth, the case is not a walk in the park. These cities all have tough prosecutors and judges that are conservative when it comes to DUI. If you have a record, it is an uphill battle to get favorable plea terms. That is why a skilled Cobb County DUI lawyer is needed especially for a second DUI or repeat DUI. Our Cobb County DUI office also proudly serves all the city courts of Cobb County including those in Acworth, Kennesaw, and Smryna.

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