Common DUI Arrest Mistakes

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In the event of a DUI arrest, what you do from then on is absolutely crucial. No matter what state you live in, being arrested for driving under the influence is a very serious matter because it is an act that potentially can place many lives at risk. Here are a couple tips to consider including the most common mistakes that individuals make when they are arrested for a DUI.

Thinking a DUI arrest is like any other traffic ticket. This is a very common mistake that drivers can make; because they do not understand that a DUI has more severe consequences. It is important to realize that even if it is your first DUI offense, there is no minor charge when it involves drinking and driving. If convicted you could be looking at a suspended license, fines, probation, community service and even possible jail time. In the event that your DUI involved an accident with an injury or death, you could be looking at much more severe consequences. No matter situation, it is essential that you take these charges very seriously and hire a Cobb County DUI attorney right away.

Choosing to represent yourself rather than hiring a DUI defense attorney. This too is a common mistake that is often made by individuals accused of a DUI for either drugs or alcohol. By hiring a skilled attorney, you will be legal represented by an individual who has spent years not only studying the law but helping many clients such as yourself who have faced similar charges. Attorneys know the laws in and out, and they also know what is required to build a strong defense. Don't place your future at risk by not hiring an attorney.

Not challenging your DMV license suspension. In the state of Georgia there are 10 days for you to take action and challenge your charges and fight to keep your license in the midst of the DUI charge. By contacting an experienced DUI defense attorney in your area, you will have the chance to fight those charges and hopefully save your driving privileges.

These three mistakes are just a few of the many that individuals can make when arrested for driving under the influence. If you or someone you know has been arrested, contact a DUI defense attorney immediately. Time is of the essence when accused of a DUI, so don't wait another moment to contact The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson. When hiring an attorney at our firm you will be receiving the legal counsel of an experienced professional who has helped many clients in the past. Remember, DUI convictions can greatly change your future, don't take that risk without putting up a fight!

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