Police Officers Can Be Arrested for DUI Too

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Let's be honest, we all make mistakes and sometimes we don't realize how serious these mistakes are until there are consequences. Police officers are human too, and even they can face charges for driving under the influence just as any average citizen. Whatever the case may be, every individual deserves the chance to fight for their rights and freedom.

News reports share that a Georgia State Patrol officer was recently arrested for charges of DUI and following to close to another vehicle. Officer Browner is said to have been driving down the road and at a red light, he rear ended the car in front of him as he was stopping at the intersection of Dawson and Pointe North. The driver of the other vehicle was allegedly taken to Phoebe North Hospital, though there is no word as to his injuries or their severity. Little information was released about this arrest, and investigations are still in progress.

When any individual is accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there are various details that the court takes into consideration when determining the severity of the charges placed against them. For example, if you were merely pulled over for rolling through a stop sign, and the officer discovers you had alcohol on your breath and you participate willingly the charges will be less in comparison to an arrest if you had prior DUI charges on your record.

In the event of a DUI arrest involving another vehicle, depending on the damages and their injuries will also determine the possible charges against you. Whether you are looking at a first time DUI offense or you have been accused of vehicular manslaughter DUI, hiring a Cobb County DUI attorney is essential to fighting the charges placed against you. No matter how small the charges may be, your future is at stake! Contact an attorney at The Law Offices of Richard S. Lawson today for the defense that you deserve!

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