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Each DUI case in Cobb County has a specific sequence of events that take place and having a DUI Lawyer in Cobb County at your side from the very beginning is important to ensure that you are fully informed when making critical decisions will be essential to your ability to investigate and defend your case. A DUI Attorney in Cobb County will know how to best utilize each stage in the case proceeding to get you the best possible outcome.


Your first court appearance will be at your arraignment. At this hearing, you will go before the judge and you will be asked to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty to the charges against you. If you plead not guilty, a trial date will be set. It is important to have a Cobb County DUI lawyer at this stage because certain motions must be filed within 10 days of your arraignment date in order to protect your constitutional rights.

Calendar Calls

Calendar calls are used to schedule trial dates and allows the judge to get a status update on each of the cases on his or her calendar. These court appearances also present another opportunity to speak with the prosecutor about your case and negotiate a plea offer. A DUI Lawyer in Cobb County will be able to negotiate a potential plea bargain in your case or take your case to trial in the State Court of Cobb County.

Motion Hearings

Motion hearings occur before your trial and can determine whether certain evidence against you will be suppressed or admissible at trial. If any evidence was illegally obtained, it will not be admissible and cannot be used against you at trial. A DUI Lawyer in Cobb County will evaluate your case and determine whether any defenses are available to you. Keeping certain pieces of evidence out of your trial can make or break your case as well as the State's. If you were not read the Georgia implied consent notice at arrest or proper procedure was not followed, the breath or blood test results could be suppressed. Having significant pieces of evidence suppressed can be used to negotiate a more favorable plea offer. Your best defense starts with a qualified DUI Attorney in Cobb County.


If your case proceeds to trial, you can choose either a bench trial or a jury trial. A jury trial is heard by six (6) jurors, while a bench trial is decides solely by the judge. There are advantages to each and a Cobb County DUI attorney can assist you in determining which is the best option given the specific facts of your case. A bench trial may be a better option if a jury may not be able to fully comprehend the details of the evidence and the science behind your defense.

The State has the burden of proof at trial and must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. An experienced DUI attorney in Cobb County will know how to cross-examine the State's witnesses and offer expert testimony and other evidence on your behalf.

If you are arrested for DUI in Cobb County, contact an experienced Cobb County DUI Defense Attorney today.

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