DUI Charge Against Georgia Woman Dropped After Incorrect Breathalyzer Reading

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The drunk driving charge against a Loganville High School language arts teacher has been dropped, after GBI lab test results showed she was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash she was involved in. A man and woman, of Dacula and Flowery Branch respectively, were killed at the scene when Meghan Caldwell's Kia Sorento collided with the couple's Ford Mustang, as it traveled north on Patrick Mill Rd, crossing Highway 316. Caldwell, 24, allegedly ran a stop light just before dawn when the crash occurred, according to Capt. Matt Guthas, a spokesman for the Barrow County Sheriff's Office in a news release of the incident.

Police arrived at the scene and administered a breathalyzer test to Caldwell, at which time she tested positive for alcohol in her system. She was charged with driving under the influence at the time of the crash, which took place in March of last year. Walton County Public Schools placed Caldwell, who was also a JV women's soccer coach, on administrative leave while the crash was under investigation. Caldwell was taken in and released shortly thereafter by a nearby hospital, bonding out of police custody approximately 3 days after the incident.

Caldwell's initial charges included serious injury by motor vehicle, driving under the influence, two counts of homicide by vehicle in the first degree and a red light violation. The GBI finally reached a new development in the case, one year on, with the release of the lab test results. The negative result for presence of alcohol meant the DUI charge would be dropped, however authorities have not officially released updated Caldwell's charges. Atlanta Journal Constitution has reported that the charges against Caldwell were reduced, without further information or specificity. The district attorney, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution allegedly stated that Caldwell would not receive a jail sentence. The lab tests results haven not yet been made publicly available.

The dismissal of the DUI charge stands to greatly affect Caldwell's case. This particular circumstance illustrates that the machines on which law enforcement rely are not infallible, although they are often treated as such. The difference between a DUI crash and a crash with no driver impairment can be substantial. It was a prudent decision to probe the breathalyzer result which, as we plainly observe in this case, does not yield uniformly correct results. Caldwell's loss of employment, it may be argued, had a great to do with the DUI charge leveled against her. No longer facing a potential DUI conviction, Caldwell's future employment prospects are arguably better than they would be if she convicted on this breathalyzer evidence, which proved to be false.

No matter the circumstances of any DUI crash, every person accused is entitled to skilled legal counsel to review the charges against them. Tests results are one of many factors that could lead to a dubious DUI charge. If you have been charged with driving under the influence in Cobb County, do not hesitate to contact Cobb County DUI Attorney Richard Lawson for a free consultation of your case.

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