What's the Point? Georgia's License Point System

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More points aren't always better, unlike the 45-0 win the Georgia Bulldogs had last Saturday. More points on your Georgia driver's license is the last thing you want, and a variety of different driving infractions can quickly add points to your license. If you get enough points, your license will be suspended. A driver's license suspension may rob you of your ability to work, travel, or visit family and friends.

There are ways to defend your license and reduce the amount of points you have on your license. With the help of an experienced Cobb County traffic defense attorney, your license can be protected.

What is the Georgia Point System?

The Georgia point system assigns a certain number of "points" to different traffic offenses. These points can add up over time, and if you receive 15 points within a 24 month (two-year) period your license will be suspended. The Georgia Department of Driver's Services (DDS) is in charge of tracking your points and suspending your license if necessary.

Points are not assessed against your license for non-residents of Georgia, speeding convictions less than 15 mph over the posted speed limit, or a driving "too fast for conditions" violation.

Point Assignments for Certain Violations

Conviction Points
Aggressive Driving 6
Reckless Driving 4
Unlawful Passing of School Bus 6
Improper Passing on Hill or Curve 4
15 to 18 mph over speed limit 2
19 to 23 mph over speed limit 3
24 to 33 mph over speed limit 4
34 mph or more over speed limit 6
Failure to Obey Traffic-Control Device 3
Failure to Obey Police Officer 3
Possessing an Open Container of an Alcoholic Beverage While Driving 2
Failure to Adequately Secure Load (except fresh farm product, resulting in an accident 2
Violation of Child Safety Restraint:  
First Offense 1
Second or Subsequent Offense 2
Violation of using wireless telecommunication device requirements 1
Texting While Driving 1
Improper Use of Designated Travel Lane - 4th and Subsequent Offense 1
All Other Moving Violations 3

Defending Your License

There are a number of different ways you can defend your license against the over-accumulation of points. These defenses can help prevent suspension of your right to drive, protecting your right to work and live your life freely.

Request a Points Reduction

A resident of Georgia with a Georgia driver's license can request the DDS to reduce the number of points assessed against his or her license through a specific process. Up to seven total points can be reduced once every five years.

To qualify, the driver must complete a certified Driver Improvement course, and obtain a certificate of completion. This can result in the reduction of the points on your license.

Zero-Point Order

Your defense attorney can request a zero-point order from a judge, which means that even if you are convicted of the traffic offense you will not have points assessed against your license if you complete a Driver Improvement course.

No-Contest Plea

If you are over the age of 21, a plea of no contest to the traffic offense will not result in the assessment of points against your license. This is true only once every five years so another conviction will result in points if it occurs within five years of another.

Consult a Cobb County DUI Attorney

If you face charges of an open container while driving, or another Georgia traffic offense, your right to drive could be at stake. An experienced Cobb County DUI attorney can defend your case and protect your rights. Contact us today.

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